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Life isn't about Finding yourself. Life is about Creating yourself - George Bernard Shaw 


Grow Your Vision

Within each of us lies every Potential iteration of Humanity. It's just what we Choose to nurture and focus on that create's the person we are Today



Whether you are looking for personal guidance and practices to bring lightness, clarity and joy back into the forefront of your life or if you are looking to bring a cohesive culture of wellness into the work place and events, Ayumi has a decade of experience creating a potent mix of ancient practices, researched based techniques and trainings designed to suit your deepest needs.


Working 1:1 throughout every aspect of your life to create cohesion, integrity and alignment towards your highest Self








It is through the portal of our mind that we create our lens of perception of the world.

Weaving together meditation, journaling and neuroscience we will shine the light of awareness into you belief systems, habits and experiences that are shaping how you perceive & show up in life. Learning tools to redirect our behaviour pattern back in to alignment with our highest and best. 

It is within the intelligence of our body that we filter our experience of life. This constant conversation between our inner and outer environment conditioning our nervous system and our cells in how to respond to life. Together we will listen to the wisdom of our bodies through yoga, Pilates, dance, breath and exercise we will nourish, sooth and revive this beautiful body back into it's innately vibrant self. 

Within those moments between our thoughts, where we are in flow and in presence that is when we can hear the whisper of our soul guiding us home.

Back into a space of belonging, purpose and Joy. 

We will take the time to stop, listen and pay attention to our soul's calling. Finding the courage and vulnerability to surrender to our heart's desire.


For the last decade I have been overseeing each area of my clients life to optimise wellbeing & vitality

Working closely with my clients specialists to bring cohesion within all aspects of their lives. From monthly programs, daily practices, annual retreats, ordering equipment to scheduling I will make your wellbeing the foundation of your life. 



  On the road

Having worked 1:1 with high level clients for the past 5yrs I have a deep understanding of the challenges your lifestyle brings when trying to maintain a healthy, balanced & grounded life. Constantly travelling with every changing schedules makes even the simplest daily routine seem impossible. Navigating all of these obstacles is where I come in. 
Completely flexible to you schedule, not only will I be there to teach your daily practices, I will arrange every aspect of your wellbeing. Liaising with physios's, naturopaths, doctors, hotels, PA's, housekeepers, chefs and more to ensure your wellness is accessible, effortless and a daily relief instead of another daily chore.



   At Home

Not only can I organise your life on the road but I can bring wellness into your life and home. Ensuring all of your properties are equipped with the essentials so you know wherever you go you have the tools to bring yourself back to balance. Needing someone to get you back on track? I offer private Integrated Lifestyle Consultations. Either working together online to create a personal program for you or coming to you in person leading wellbeing practices & integrating wellness into your daily scheduling, diet and lifestyle.


Bespoke Retreats

Tired of generic retreat programs that don't quite hit the nail on the head? Do you want to experience a transformative retreat surrounded only by your nearest and dearest? Let's work together to create your perfect retreat down to intention, scheduling, menu and location. Invite loved ones who you know need this deep nourishment & surround yourself with people who invigorate and inspire you.

Bring this experience to one of your beautiful properties or use one of our affiliated Exclusive Locations.


Whether you are looking for an online lifestyle consultation, a one off bespoke retreat or your very own travelling wellbeing facilitator we can co-create the perfect personal offering for You.

I am here to make your wellbeing effortless. 

Private Offerings






In a culture of extraction our goal is to Inspire & Integrate a culture of Regeneration





Dance NZSF-199.jpg



Shifting from mining employees for their time, skills and ideas but creating a reciprocal relationship knowing that a thriving vibrant employee creates a thriving vibrant company.

Offering tools to help create sustainability and alignment within the individual to create a company culture of reciprocity, respect and regeneration

As the beating heart of any conscious organisation it is imperative that you don't lead from the front, you lead from the Soul. Human's are highly intelligent and intuitive and they can see right through core values written on a whiteboard to the real interactions and choices of their leader. 
Are you truly embodying the core values of your company? Are you living in alignment with the company culture you wish to see in your organisation? Are you finding balance between work & life?
Let us co-create a management team who authentically inspire and connect with their team.

The employee's are the individual Cell's of a company. Collectively they make up the Body of the organisation. The condition of the Body depends on the health of each individual Cell. Just like the intelligent cell's of our body they respond to the environment around them. What we put in is what we get out
We are all aiming to be healthy cell's in a universal body. 

Let's create a positive work culture so that each individual can thrive.







Working within your organisation or company on an individual and collective level.  Bringing effective and potent tools into the workplace to ensure each individual bring's their most vital optimal selves to the table. True success comes from a dynamic reciprocity between, employer, employee, client and community. 

What I offer are different levels of organisational experiences helping to optimise company culture and structure to bring wellbeing and regeneration to the forefront of your values.


In the workplace 

It is amazing how even the simplest practices can shift the energy and productivity of a space. Distilling ancient practises and science based research together to create applicable and effective practises designed for the office and the home. From a 15min mid meeting breath work & stretch to a 90min wellbeing presentation, diving deeper into the research and practices that can take your focus and productivity to the next level. I will design a program that will fit your company, space and intention. Online, pre-recorded or live options as well as in person offerings.


Company Think Tanks Retreats

Add depth and integrity to your company Think Tanks. Get away from the desks and whiteboards and experience and Immersive Think Tank experience that not only nourishes the company but the individual.

Unlocking greater depths of potential as we Align Body & Mind. 

Begin the day with a physical practice and journalling designed to compliment each days agenda. Allowing each individual to first connect internally with their own experience, passions & values towards the upcoming topic. Ensuring that each idea & decision is not only aligned to the greater good of the company but that it comes from an authentic place within each individual

Throughout the day I will weave in exercises & experiences that will create deeper connections and more expansive thinking to enhance the program format. Taking regular breaks from meetings to revitalise the nervous system with breath and movement ensuring energy levels stay high and minds stay sharp. 

Ending each day with unique experience designed to cultivate expression, authenticity and Joy.



Conference & Incentives

From my experience annual Conference and Incentives programs bring together the brightest minds of the company  to celebrate the past years successes and to create strategies for the next. Unfortunately most of these events are fuelled by overindulgence, too much booze, coffee and cookies. Late nights, early mornings, too much celebrating and too much time sitting in meeting rooms. One aspect of my offerings is to work alongside your programming team to reinvent a conference and incentive program that energise, nourish and inspire your team to bring their most vibrant optimal selves to the table. To strategise from a place of alignment, grounding and clarity. Leaving the hangovers for the weekend and replacing them with clear mind and healthy body.

Why not use one of our Exclusive Locations to compliment the experience with not only revitalising practices but nourishing menus, healing  modalities & nature immersion. Take a break from the confinements of your office to break through the limitations of your mind

Corporate Offerings






Festivals, events, immersive experiences, conventions and private gatherings. Bringing the gift of centred, integrated, vibrance to any audience.



Dance NZSF-107.jpg

Ecstatic Dance

Dance NZSF-160.jpg

Immersive Experiences


Weaving together a lifetime of knowledge to create powerful workshops designed to create tangible shifts, offer applicable tools and dive deep beneath the layers of our skin to access the innate intelligence of our beings. Combining physical practices, exercises for the mind and deep listening of the Soul to deliver impactful and inspiring workshops for any event. Choose from one of Ayumi's Signature Experiences or ask for a bespoke creation.

Out of all the potent practices I have experienced and I offer, Ecstatic Dance has to be one of the most powerfully illuminating experiences available. 

Ecstatic dance is a free flowing outward expression of your inner landscape. 
Before there were words there was dance. From the beginning of humanity we have danced, to celebrate, mourn, evoke, challenge, invite.

Dance is the innate expression of our Soul.

In recent times dance has been commodified into a performance piece reserved solely for the "talented". In this shift we have been separated from one or hearts purest forms of expression. 

It is time for us to take this back!
To reclaim our right to dance and to express the deepest parts of ourselves with out exclusion or judgment.

In life humans strive for connection, belonging and purpose. Since time began we created sacred spaces, ceremonies and traditions that could nurture these collective needs and keep us in sync with the seasons and cycles. 

Modern life has all but stripped us of these sources of intentional communion with self, community and nature.  

I offer Immersive Experiences that weave together sacred ceremonies, honouring the people, places and seasons. Reminding us to pause and punctuate our busy lives with moments of gratitude, presence and intention. 

A perfect addition to any event, gathering or celebration. 

Dance NZSF-99_edited.jpg





Time's are changing. Not everyone is looking for event's full of booze, drugs and hangovers. There is a global movement towards conscious events and offerings. Distancing ourselves from destructive practices and choosing to put our health and wellbeing first. 

For the last 10yrs I have been running experiences across the globe for teacher trainings, festivals such as NZ Spirit Festival and Burning Man and for companies such as lululemon, Kmart, Bacardi and sports teams like the Sydney Roosters and many more. All of whom are opting to make better choices. 

Join the change and let's elevate ourselves, communities and events. 






Rachel Land 

Yoga Medicine Senior Teacher

"I thoroughly recommend Ayumi  Gallagher for any role she has applied for.

She is easy to work with - down-to-earth, approachable and professional - and a mature and intelligent yoga teacher.

Her anatomical knowledge and teaching experience shine through in classes rich in subtle detail, yet approachable for all levels of practice and yoga experience.

You won’t regret taking the opportunity to work with her."

Screenshot 2020-06-18 at 8.42.21 AM.png

Trent Robinson

Coach - Sydney Roosters

"I don't know if i ever had the the time to really thank you for your contribution to us winning the premiership in 2019. Its a feat in our sport that hasn't been done for over 25yrs and I credit the Queenstown camp to setting up the mindset for the season ahead.  Just a big thank you for handling our group so well and playing a part in a wonderful year."


Vanessa Watson


"Thanks so much for all the support and love over the past year, taking classes with you has changed my life and given me so much."


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