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Yogi, mountain soul, ecstatic dance leader & teacher - specialising as an Integrated Lifestyle Director. Ayumi works with world changing individuals and organisations across the globe. 

After graduating from the Scottish School of Contemporary Dance in 2007 she travelled the world seeking wisdoms, teachings and training that she has woven together to help guide people to the highest version of themselves.
From living in the mountains of the Himalayas to the Zen temples of Kyoto, Ayumi has handpicked tools proven to bring alignment and integrity into each aspect of life. From ancient practises to science based research Ayumi will fine tune your life and/or organisation to function optimally and harmoniously - Mind, Body & Soul. 

Offering bespoke consulting, workshop and retreats that weave the most current research based practises alongside yoga, embodiment, Pilates, personal training, journalling and holistic lifestyle practices to bring cohesion into each moment. 

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